All about Molly Cavalli Shark Attack

All about Molly Cavalli Shark Attack
Molly Cavalli, a leading lesbian Porn Star came into news about shark attack while filming in Ocean. What really happened was while filming they have to go underwater to shot a sequence. The scene involves Molly in Shark Cage. Incidentally, a blue lemon shark appeared in real and bit a heavy chunk of flesh from Molly’s leg causing her unbearable pain and lot of bloodshed. The whole sea was turned red. Her well wishers were really worried about her status. They posted lot of wishes on her FB Page.

While people were really sorry for what happened to Poor blonde; there came a guy name Bryce Rohrer who said this incident was a total fake. He further claimed that 6 months back, Molly visited his office to shoot a sensational video that draws her lot of attention. The company involved in assisting people in diving with sharks.

Bryce suggested her to shoot an underwater sequence with a shark attacking on her. She agreed and then went for a shot. Things turned exactly. Her shark video reach a million hits within one week of uploading. She became an overnight sensation and draws lot of sympathies from all over US. However, when the truth was found out; repercussion was also there. She was trolled in social media about this. Her family members were really angry with this.

However, she is still sticking to her point of view that shark attack was real. But, experts are not convinced with it. Whatever, the reason is; one thing is sure that Molly has got lot of popularity. Her adult movie shows would be surely watched.

There is strong probability that Molly is speaking the truth yet no one believes her because she is Porn star. Honestly speaking, if she would have been in any serious profession; people won’t have doubted her for a minute, but since she is a porn star, everybody think of her as cheap.

One way to find out truth is observe Molly behaviour. If she is upset or not out of bed for at least 6 months; then definitely she is speaking the truth. However, if she is fine and healthy; then surely she has done it to gain popularity which is morally and ethically wrong.

In future, we never know this sort of incidence happen with someone real and we consider it fake considering Molly Example.

It would have been much better if Molly gained popularity based on her sex shows; not such cheap tricks that is causing enough bad name to Porn girls. After this incidence, people will definitely say that porn girls are completely fake. Unfortunately, Molly has proven it.

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