Beware of Fake Modelling Agency

Beware of Fake Modelling Agency
The lure of easy money and glamorous life has trapped many young women into wrong hands. What happen is that a guy posing as a casting agent or recruiter stand in a mall or any public place and ask young women (mostly between 14 to 19) to go for a photo shoot. Mostly, he lures young woman by saying that she looks out of this world; is simply gorgeous and can become a next super model.

Now, tell me who doesn’t want to pose for a magazine especially when girl’s Instagram and FB is full of selfies. Mostly young woman get into this trap and visit their studios where they are charged $100-$500 to pose for a camera, terming it as photographer fee. Even worse, girls who are seriously looking for a break in glamorous industry are asked to pose in bikini or only in panties. After this, these innocent girls are blackmailed for money, sex even worse prostitution too. When the limit is crossed, some girls commit suicide too.

Unfortunately, these fake modelling agencies are increasing day by day in Western world. The reason behind their success is not girl’s craze to appear in magazine but also escape hardship of life.

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