Proper Adult Store Etiquette

Proper Adult Store Etiquette

Most people are too embarrassed to enter an adult store. They do not want anyone to see them entering a store that sells porn, sex toys, and other products which can help enhance the sex life. At some point in time, however, you may find yourself inside an adult store. When this happens, it is important to make sure that you follow proper adult store etiquette. Here are some tips.

Don’t Be Judgmental of Others

You would not want other people in the adult store to judge you, so there is no reason for you to judge them. There is a good chance that they are nothing but curious people who are just looking to liven up their sex lives too. That said, do not be too shocked if you encounter homosexuals, cross-dressers, or anyone else that may be unfamiliar or that may even make you feel a little bit uncomfortable. Remember that you are all there for the same reason – to spice up your sex life. Just because their lifestyle and fetishes may be slightly different than yours does not give you any reason to judge them.

Do Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Instead of walking through all of the aisles and touching every sex toy which happens to be on display, it is a good idea to simply look at them. This is how germs get spread. If the sex toy that is on display gets boxed and is actually sold, imagine how dirty it would be if every single person who walked into the adult store had their hands on it. Similarly, you would not want to open up any boxes in order to find out if a certain toy is for you. While it is okay to read the box about the features that a toy has to offer, you should avoid touching.

Don’t Spend Hours Looking at Porn For Sale

Do you spend hours in the grocery store flipping through each and every single magazine? (Note: the answer should be a simple “no”). If you spend hours looking at porn for sale, you are probably going to get some very funny stares from other costumers and the adult store employees will probably want you to buy something. Although flipping through a few magazines to find out if there is anything that tickles your fancy is acceptable, don’t examine each and every page of the magazine, through and through.

Do Avoid Allowing Your Child to Come With You

Most adult stores have a policy which does not allow anyone younger than eighteen or twenty-one from entering. There are still some stores that will allow you to get away with bringing your child in, however. DON’T allow your child to come into the adult store with you. They are called adult stores (or porn stores, adult boutiques, etc.) because they are not meant for children! Do you really want your child to grow up remembering that time that mommy or daddy took them in the adult store? Hopefully not.

Don’t Stare at Anyone Using the Peep Booth

For those who are unfamiliar with what a peep booth is, it is a booth where men (and women) pay to watch porn and, usually, masturbate. Most people consider using peep booths perverted and filthy. However, this is a sexual fetish that is very personal. If you were using the peep booth, would you really want other people to stare at you? Even if you do not agree with using a peep booth, you should not stare or gape at anyone who chooses to. Once again, don’t be judgmental.

Do Try Your Hardest Not to Taste the Flavored Lube

Most adult stores offer different types of flavored lubricant throughout the store. Generally, there are bottles on display for sampling. Tasting it may seem very appealing to some, but it is best to avoid doing so. Just think about how many people have tasted that lubricant – as well as how many people will taste it in the future. Avoid spreading germs and just keep your hands, and tongue, to yourself.

Don’t Harass the Adult Store Employees

Would you criticize someone who worked at McDonald’s for selling fast food that will make people fat? Probably not. The reason? It is nothing more than a job. This theory also applies to people that work at adult stores. They are simply doing their job. This does not mean that they necessarily condone pornography. It also does not mean that they are super horny or perverted. Most adult store employees are simply there to earn money. Leave them alone.

Unfortunately, some people do not follow proper etiquette when visiting adult stores. They may be the main reason that so many people are uncomfortable or even too intimidated to enter adult stores. By following the above mentioned etiquette tips, you will make the experience a lot more accommodating for other costumers and employees.

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